I ssues

Issue V: Aristocracy of Wolves (2016 e.v.) - AVAILABLE

To the beautiful sound of cracking skulls, TSF proudly presents its fifth issue, further exploring the abyss with ABIGOR, MARE, MORDOR, NÅSTROND, HIEROPHANT’S DESCENT, Temple of Them, XANTOTOL and Jarl Flagg Nidhögg of Darker Than Black (ex-Absurd). Aside from interviews, the issue also includes review sections and a special article by Northern Heritage that focuses on the connection of nature and Black Metal. DEAD REPTILE SHRINE, SATANIC WARMASTER, MUSTA KAPPELI, PHLEGEIN and VORDR all discuss the relevance of natural surroundings to themselves and their artistic work. With its 56/A4, designed by Briandvp and professionally printed in full colour, TSF serves you once more a unique insight into the black, esoteric undercurrent that flows at the core of genuine Black Metal while pouring scorn on the politically correct, entertainment-seeking, fools who try to tame its sinister spirit.
Released and distributed by New Era Productions.

Issue IV: Hammer of Black Illumination (2014 e.v.) - AVAILABLE

The gates are open once more, as the black light of Lucifer illuminates the horizon. Black Arts are practiced and Seven Fold Ways are walked with Sulphure of MMP TEMPLE, Michael Morthwork of HAMMEMIT, VK of VASSAFOR, Lord Mörder of SOL EVIL, Alina of LAMIA VOX, DeathMessiah of PROSELYTISM RECORDS and an anonymous member of IRKALLIAN ORACLE. In addition, D. Aggressor of DOMAINS kindly leads you inside the macabre reality of Sinister Ceremonies. Traditional Satanism lies strong within the interviews but is also presenced via articles, ensuring that the calling of the depths will be heard.
Exquisitely designed and illustrated by Mikko Mattila (ISTEN) and professionally printed in full colour, with its 56/A4 pages THE SINISTER FLAME IV is a unique and unequaled platform for Satanic Wisdom and Art. Released and distributed by New Era Productions.

Issue III: Fiat Voluntas Mea (2012 e.v.) - SOLD OUT

52/A4 pages continuing and honouring the sinister legacy, this time through the words of David of DOMAINS, Mikko of CLANDESTINE BLAZE, Jarkko of UNHOLY, Ebvleb of ABYSSVM, E. of WATAIN, M. of CULTES DES GHOULES, Night of NIANTIEL and, of course, Calus of ALTAR OF PERVERSION. You are, naturally, also subjected to the Satanic reality via other features.

Issue II: Of Dark Spirituality and Drifting Beyond (2008 e.v.) - SOLD OUT

Built within massive 84/A4 pages, this issue displays a grand celebration of shadows. The eternal spirit of Darkness manifests itself through the words of Mors Dalos Ra of NECROS CHRISTOS, Daemon Nosferius of BEHELAL, Nihilaz of VULVARK, Calus of ALTAR OF PERVERSION, FNRSSN of VANARGANDR, Stefanos of RAVENCULT, Mutatiis of ELYSIAN BLAZE, Wildness Perversion of MORTUARY DRAPE, Ritual Butcherer of ARCHGOAT, Karsten Hamre of PENITENT, Rune Vedaa of FORGOTTEN WOODS, Ustumallagam & Azter of DENIAL OF GOD and Zepar of HAR SHATAN. Aside from the interviews, you are served articles ranging topic-wise from the examination of Satanic literature to the Faustian soul, not to forget the critical insight into underground Black Metal music and press.

Issue I: Advocating True Black & Death Metal (2004 e.v.) - SOLD OUT

With its 48/A4 pages, all bestowed on Black & Death Metal, the ones who master these dark arts are praised whereas scorn is mercilessly poured on those whose hearts are not in their work. Features insightful interviews with BESATT, CRAFT, DERKETA, GRIFFAR, MORTEM, SHINING and SINOATH, as well as countless reviews, and a subjective look into the Finnish Black Metal milieu through twenty of the most important groups.